Guarantee/Warranty, Terms and Conditions For Our Products/Services

Performance Guarantee/Warranty of Suncity Solar Products

Solar Modules (Panels) -

Performance Warranty will be 25 years for power output of 3 to 5 units per KW per day. (1% degradation in 1st year and 0.5% to 1% in consecutive years) when below mentioned necessary instructions are followed by the consumer/customer
  • Modules (Panels) must be in shadow free area.
  • Modules (Panels) have to be cleaned with fresh water in 7 days regularly.
  • Modules (Panels) cleaning time - before sunrise and after sunset.
  • Modules (panels) must be in south facing +/- 15 degree.
Special Note: Required proper sunlight and clear weather for better performance as committed.

Battery -

5 years Performance Guarantee when the below mentioned necessary instructions are followed by the customer/consumer.
  • Battery should not run dry in any condition.
  • Battery must be checked within 45 days to ensure the water level and if required than it should be filled only by distilled water and don't close the battery water lids/caps too tight.
  • Charging or discharging cycle must be maintain for proper output of the battery.
  • Check terminal within 45 days regularly and if there is any sign of carbon/salty water than clean the terminal.
  • Battery should not over charge or deep discharge.
Warranty / guaranty of battery shall become null and void if found damaged/burnt/burst. Special Note:
  1. The Battery Backup will be committed only after 7 to 8 charging or discharging cycle.
  2. Battery problem will be resolved with in 15-30 working days after checking technical parameters by the technical team

Solar PCU -

2 years Performance Guarantee when the below mentioned necessary instructions are followed by the customer/consumer.
  • PCU must be Kept away from Moisture, Dust, water, heat, inflammable materials or any liquid or undesirable material.
  • PCU must be installed/kept in proper ventilation.
Special Note: Do not cover PCU by clothes, plastics, iron sheet etc.

Water Pump Motor/Mono Block and Controller -

2 Years Performance Guarantee when the below mentioned necessary instructions are followed by the customer/consumer
  • Do not operate Motor/Mono Block Dry in any condition.
  • Do not operate Motor, Mono Block, Controller under or over voltage.
  • Do not operate the system at the same time with Grid and Solar.
Special Note: Pump, Motor, Mono Block, Openwell and other related accessories are not Guaranteed/Warranteed to be cut/damaged by soil and salty water.

Water Heater -

Performance Warranty/Guarantee will be decided according to TDS level of water being used.

NOTE: 1. Damage caused to any products due to mishandling, natural calamity, human abuse, fire, short-circuit and any other type of wear and tear will not be covered under guarantee and warranty. Company shall not be held responsible and shall not provide any claim for such damages.
2. Our products are warranted/guaranteed against all defects arising solely from the use of faulty material or poor workmanship. Company will not be responsible for any consequential damages/loss of life or property. 3. Children must be kept away from parts of solar system.

Terms and Conditions of Suncity Solar Products and Services

  1. Performance Guarantee/Warranty as applicable will only be Governed/Covered only when Solar System is installed under the direction of company's Authorized technical team or Authorized technician.
  2. If products needs replacement which is under guarantee/warranty will be replaced only at company HO & authorised STOCK AND SERVICE POINT(SSP). Customer has to send & pick it from HO & SSP premises only. Replacement Time 15 to 30 working Days.
  3. GI Mounting Structure charges will be extra over 3 feet of standard size.
  4. Any damage caused during transportation or mishandling of the product, human abuse, natural calamity, fire is to be informed immediately within one hour to the company's dispatch department along with the video and photograph so as to proceed further. Company ensures to assist Customer/Consumer for any claim with the transporter if applicable.
  5. Goods returned with the broken seal as marked by manufacturer or Warrantor/Guarantor will not be entertained for any repair and service.
  6. In case of any damage the Customer / Consumer must necessarily and immediately communicate with the service/dispatch department of the company failing to which company is not liable for any service/repair of the product.
  7. In case of any product which has been opened/repaired by any unauthorized person whomsoever he/she may be, then the product will be considered as out of Warranty/ Guarantee.
  8. Labour and raw material charges for civil work is under Customer's scope.
  9. DISCOM charges and documentation for On-Grid connection is under Customer's scope.
  10. Final deal will be dealt by Competent Authority/Management of the Company. Any dispute arosed other than T&C and Warranty and Guarantee clause will not be entertained.
  11. Any Deal/ Sale will be finalized only after the confirmation of the stock availibity of the product with it’s T & C and Guarantee/Warranty clause along with the complete details with "Backup Confirmation" of the product.
  12. In case of any technical problem of the product the Customer/Consumer must compulsorily and properly communicate with the service department of the Company sharing the videos and photograph as asked/desired by technical team of the Company, failing to which Company is not liable for any support or service for the particular matter. The Pictorial image of the Product as shown may slightly vary.
  13. It is the sole responsibility of the Customer/Consumer to receive the Material/Product after dispatch. As Company is not responsible for any occurrence or damage, loss or theft after dispatch of the product. If the transportation is the responsibility of the Company than the Company will be liable for the safe delivery of the said product.
  14. Dispatch of any material/product will be deemed as confirmed only after the payment received in Company's account or receiving of the cash payment. Cash payment will only be confirmed after the cash receipt issued by the Company with authorized seal and signature.
  15. Installation will be done within 15-30 days only after 100% Payment in advance and confirmation of the payment by the Company.
  16. Prices may vary or may be changed according to the site requirement, Customers customization, Manufacturing Company or as per Government norms like Taxes etc.
  17. The Company reserves the rights to change the products, products price, incentives, service procedure or any charges as levied by time to time.
  18. All mentioned prices are including GST.
  19. Transportation/courier charges will be extra for each product.
  20. All T&C of Warranty/Guarantee of respective manufacturers to be governed on behalf of registered Guarantee/Warranty card.
  21. All disputes shall be exclusively subject to Jodhpur Jurisdiction.